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Appliance and Fridge Repairs in Johannesburg

Appliance and fridge repairs in Johannesburg

At Superior Repairs our pride is on our efficient and reliable home appliance and fridge repairs in Johannesburg. With offer six month repair guarantee on all repairs. We fix with only original and approved spare parts for makes of appliance.

We repair and service all makes and models of:

dish washers
washing machines
tumble dryer
stoves & oven

We do not focus entirely on any select brand or model but rather on all makes and models in the appliance market. We developed a system over the years help us  to embraces new appliance technology as it enters the market. This has made us one of the leading and trusted service company in the repair of home appliances in Johannesburg.

Call 011 051 6900 to book a repair or Book a repair online by clicking here

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Frequent reported faults by customers:

Fridges repair:  fridge makes too much noise. fridge not cooling Fridge not cooling but freezer cold. fridge leaking water.  fridge light not working. fridge not getting cold. fridge not working. refrigerator not staying cold. refrigerator not cold enough.

Freezer repair:  my freezer is not working, my freezer is frosting up, my freezer is leaking water, freezer not working, refrigerator not cooling enough, refrigerator not staying cold, refrigerator not cold enough.

Common washing machines: My washing machine is leaking water, washing machine not spinning, washing machine spills water, washing machine not draining, washing machine not cleaning clothes properly, washing machine not filling with water, washing machine making noise and shaking.

Dishwashers: dishwasher is leaking from bottom of door, dishwasher making loud noise,  dishwasher won’t drain, dishwasher not working, dishwasher not cleaning properly, dishwasher not heating water, dishwasher not rinsing properly.

Stove and oven: stove not heating up, stove plates not working, stove heat slowly, stove not working, oven not working, stove not getting hot.